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Release Note
Firmware 2.1.82 (EVA8000)

- Release Forum : 04/03/2009
- Taille : 7 Mo
- MD5 : 2e1a8131d8b8cb09b3b4362554dd3bda

New Features and Major enhancements :

  • Improved YouTube video browser, with support for Recently Added videos, and the ability to save YouTube favorites to a list
  • Improved RSS browser with support for more feeds
  • Improved system responsiveness and stability
  • Improved DVD compatibility and support
  • Improved support for MKV videos
  • Improved video playback in low bandwidth environments
  • Support for more video types (m2ts), and better support for subtitle and audio track switching
  • Better video tagging support, including support for native MKV tags, and support for external TAG files for AVI, MOV and MP4 videos
  • Improved Internet Radio playback and compatibility
  • New support for storing a media library on a USB disk drive
  • Improved, faster Quick Scan
  • Improved wireless compatibility and support
  • New support for monitoring BitTorrent clients on the network
  • Better support for 50Hz video modes
  • New pop-up help messages
  • Support for Polish language
  • New button functionality:
    • Home button will always take you to Main Menu
    • "i" (info) button will always navigate to the Now Playing screen if the menus are active
    • Zoom button changes the photo aspect during a slideshow
    • 7 and 9 buttons perform skip back / skip forward functionality when playing music with slideshow they apply to the first session started (either music or photos)
    • Caps button (tap 3 times) dismisses the on-screen keyboard during Access PC
    • TV Mode button now active only from Home Menu and no video session is playing. (TV mode can be changed at any time in Advanced Settings
Fixed Issues General :

  • General improvements in responsiveness to the remote control (fewer "One Moment Please" screens)
  • General improvements in handling of network disconnects, unreachable media, etc. while browsing or playing media
  • Screen saver is now disabled by default
  • Overnight scan is now off by default
Fixed Issues Music Playback :

  • Fixed problem causing some MP3 ID3 album art to appear corrupted (need to full scan and rebuild library)
  • Fixed potential crash if too many songs are queued for playback
  • 7 and 9 buttons perform skip back / skip forward functionality when playing music with slideshow they apply to the first session started (either music or photos)
  • Added messaging if the server connection was lost during music playback
  • Improved volume control responsiveness when playing music from UPnP
  • Music playlists are now automatically loaded from the data save location
  • Pressing FF, REW, Pause, SkipFwd, or SkipBk during music playback no longer cancels screen saver if it is active
Fixed Issues - Video Playback :

  • General improvements in video playback smoothness in low bandwidth environments
  • Now detects (and displays a notification) when there is insufficient bandwidth to play video without stuttering
  • Better audio track switching support now supports multitrack Transport Stream videos, better messaging when switching audio tracks, and fixed problems causing the wrong audio track to be played when the track is switched in a multitrack video
  • Now recognizes MPEG-2 transport stream videos (.m2ts video type)
  • Improved DVD compatibility and support smoother playback across chapters, support for LPCM audio, and support for ‘Follow Me' to resume DVD playback in another room
  • Use Menu key during DVD main movie rips to change audio or subtitle track
  • Fixed DVD menu cursor disappearing, and problem causing DVD menu to shift around when arrow keys are used to navigate the DVD menu
  • Improved support for MKV videos: now supports FFx2 and FFx3 modes, and smoother video playback
  • Improved video playback performance for MPEG2 high bitrate videos
  • New behavior when playing videos in repeat mode: if Stop button is pressed during subsequent replays, then replaying the video will restart the video from the beginning
  • Fixed problem where pressing Stop to end a video does not take effect occasionally
  • Fixed crash playing many MPEG-2 HD Transport Stream videos
  • Fixed problem when video is resumed, after fast forwarding to the end of the video
  • Fixed issue where audio playback on HDMI is lost when unplugging / replugging HDMI
  • Fixed odd behavior with using FFW+SKipFW in MKV and DVD videos
  • Fixed problem preventing Menu button from being used to activate/switch subtitles
Fixed Issues YouTube :

  • Improved YouTube video browser, with support for Recently Added videos, and the ability to save YouTube favorites to a list (adding to online favorites is not supported)
  • New support for direct playback of YouTube H.264 videos does not require Digital Entertainer for Windows software or a PC. To use this feature, enable the YouTube Direct Playback option in the Advanced Settings -> Other menu.
  • Use the Menu button to switch to full screen YouTube video playback and back again
  • YouTube access is now governed by parental control setting when Internet Access is set to Lock, YouTube access is blocked
  • Status bar during video playback now indicates correct elapsed time of YouTube videos
  • Fixed problem where slow Internet connections can cause YouTube videos to time out and stop playback
Fixed Issues RSS :

  • Improved RSS browser with support for more feeds
  • Fixed problem preventing stuck RSS video podcasts from being stopped
  • Fixed issue in RSS reader where video is lost after stopping a photo RSS feed
Fixed Issues Slideshow Viewer :

  • Improved responsiveness in photo browser
  • Use Zoom button to change the photo aspect ratio during a slideshow
  • Added messaging if user attempts to rotate a non JPEG photo
  • Fixed an intermittent crash occurring while browsing photos
  • Fixed problems preventing photos from being selected properly by date
  • Fixed an intermittent crash occurring when playing all photos randomly
  • Fixed OK button handling for viewing photo thumbnails now does not repeat
Fixed Issues Internet Radio :

  • Improved Internet Radio playback now caches for smoother playback, and better handling of server timeouts
  • Improved Internet Radio stream compatibility for streams using M3U containers.
  • Added Repeat button functionality for playing photos and Internet radio simultaneously
  • Fixed a crash occurring if user uses Delete option on an empty Internet radio favorites list
Fixed Issues Flickr Photos :

  • Fixed a crash occurring when Flickr Recent Searches is accessed
  • Fixed a problem causing Get More Photos to fail
  • Fixed a problem preventing photos from being added to Flickr favorites list
  • Improved detection and handling of network timeouts during Flickr slideshows
Fixed Issues PC Access :

  • PC Access now shows the full PC desktop without edges cut off
  • Fixed problem causing mouse cursor to disappear intermittently
  • Fixed problem causing keys to get stuck in CAPS mode
Fixed Issues Media Library :

  • Improved, faster Quick Scan now finds new folders as well as new files
  • Now requests confirmation if a full scan is requested soon after a previous full scan
  • New support for external .TAG files. Use the NETGEAR Tag Tool to tag media files with .TAG files. TAG files always override native tags contained within the media file.
  • Library is now loaded automatically from data save location if no media is found
  • Added messaging if only DRM protected videos are found during scan
  • Media scan now ignores folder.jpg and Album_art*.jpg files
  • Scanning for media now disables the screen saver from activating during the scan
  • Fixed a problem preventing the overnight scan from scanning until the following night
  • Fixed a browse crash which can occur when the library contains media from a UPnP server
  • Added low memory detection. Media library will not load in very low memory situations
  • Fixed Wake-On-Lan support allowing hibernating PCs to be awakened for scan/browse
Fixed Issues - Networking :

  • Improved wireless compatibility and support enhanced discovery of wireless access points, better WPA/WPA2 compatibility, and fixed WEP and WEP128 key issues
  • Improved support for accessing protected SMB file shares user protected shares, and shares using domain\machine_id authentication
  • Password protected EVADATA folder can now be used as the data save location
  • Fixed issue where gateway setting is lost after wireless connection is set from DHCP to static
Fixed Issues USB :

  • Media played from USB now stops automatically when USB device is unplugged
  • Device name (USB1/USB2) of currently plugged-in device is now maintained if a second USB device is plugged in
Fixed Issues - Display :

  • Now supports switching monitors during video playback and slideshows. You can disconnect/reconnect HDMI monitors or turn off/on the monitor without affecting playback. If a monitor is connected via component or composite, the display switches to that monitor automatically when HDMI is disconnected.
  • Photos now show in correct aspect on 4x3 displays
  • Better support for 50Hz video modes
  • Fixed issue where system reboots after coming out of screensaver
Fixed Issues User Interface / Cosmetic :

  • Clearer messaging and error messages
  • Fixed status bar occasionally disappearing and not re-appearing
  • Fixed "runaway" effect of album art browsing when holding down arrow keys
  • Miscellaneous fixes for screen corruption, truncated text, etc.
  • Improved messaging in Cover Art browser if album art cache is inaccessible
  • On screen keyboard no longer shows spurious mouse cursor
  • Updated "Now Playing" screen for checking status of additional EVA's
  • Fixed issue where video browser locks up caused by parental controls setting
  • Changed browse by genre to support searching by substring
Fixed Issues Setup, Update and Other :

  • Powering off/on the unit using the remote now re-enables parental controls and security
  • Fixed issue where correct time zone is not set after country/city selection in setup wizard
  • Fixed issue where time zone not getting set automatically after switching back to the United States from another country
  • Added secure access to HTML menu (HTML access is disabled by default); there is a 20 minute reset to secure HTML access
  • Description of media now always available in HTML menus
  • Fixed intermittent time synchronization problems
  • Fixed setup wizard not completing when no network found
  • Fixed issue allowing a blank room name to be entered
  • Update screen now automatically locates available updates from plugged in USB or data save location
  • Firmware update can now be cancelled prior to being applied
  • Fixed a system stability problem following the initial reboot after an update
  • Fixed an incorrect message which was shown if an update failed
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