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Release Note
Firmware (WNDR3700)

- Release US : Feb 3, 2011
- Release Forum : 05/02/2011
- Taille : 7 Mo
- MD5 : dbc8a1a1a8d1937e408f6c096321b171

New Features & Bug Fixes :
  • Fixed "Some IA appliances can't get IP address issues like LG BluRay player, Samsung DVD player, Sony TV, and Samsung TV".
  • Fixed "Application disconnection issue in every 5~10 minutes like Google talk, Battlefield, Starcraft, mIRC, AIM, ooVoo, etc".
  • Fixed "Web page loading slow issue".
  • Fixed "DHCP reservation issue, change IP address of one device in the reservation table and the device is changed to new IP, but the attached device list still displays old IP".
  • IPv6 certified.
  • DLNA certified.
  • Remove WEP and TKIP from "Up to 135Mbps" and "Up to 300Mbps" mode to follow WiFi requirement.
  • Pop up warning message if user wants to set WEP in both primary and guest network. WEP can't be set in both primary and guest network.
  • Support log with different categories.
  • Fixed "HDD in sleep mode can't be mounted" issue.
  • Fixed "can't wake up Seagate HDD from sleep mode" issue.
  • Fixed "Traffic meter memory leak, customer can't connect to internet after running with traffic meter on for over 10 days" issue.
  • Fixed "can't login shared folder if device name is changed".
  • Fixed "couldn't connect to CS game server" issue.
  • Fixed "Traffic meter The "Today's traffic counter" and "This month's only" are cleared but other data still exist in Internet Traffic Statistics table after click "Restart Counter Now" button".
  • Fixed "Traffic meter Click "Restart Counter Now" button won't reset the traffic meter counter".
  • Fixed "In NA firmware, the wireless region is blank in wireless setting page, but the actual setting is correct".

Known Issues :
  • NTFS write performance (upload to WNDR3700 attached USB storage) is much slower than read no matter using samba or FTP. FTP read is 5 times faster than write. Samba (ie. access network drive via windows) read is 2 times faster than write.
  • Sometimes clicking "Safely remove USB device" button can't remove USB storage safely. Workaround : Make sure you are not accessing the attached USB device and the LED on USB device is not blinking (it means no one is accessing it). Then you need to remove the USB device directly and ignore the message about "remove USB device failure) from web GUI.
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