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Release Note
Firmware (WNR3500L)

- Release US : May, 2011
- Release Forum : 28/05/2011
- Taille : 6 Mo
- MD5 : 35a2ae830ad75d9c9aa27250509d44b2

New Features :
  • This is the initial release for the WW version and the 2nd release for the NA version.
  • Support the bridging mode (acts as a pure AP).
  • Support the option to disable the SamKnows tests.
  • Scheduled Wi-Fi on/off.
  • 24-hour Internet connect/disconnect (for Germany only).
  • Port mapping for the Port Forwarding function.
  • Multicast forwarding and IGMP proxying.
  • PnP-x support.
  • IPv6 Auto Config mode for the WAN connection.

Bug Fixes :
  • Fix the Internet connection problem with some Comcast modems.
  • Sometimes DDNS does not update.
  • [Traffic Meter] when the warning message option (certain volume or time has been reached) is checked, the HTTP traffic will be blocked.
  • [Readyshare] Files with size more than 4GB are not recognized correctly through the Samba client on Linux. Windows network drive does not have this issue.
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