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Release Note
Firmware (WNDR3700)

- Release US : July 6, 2011
- Release Forum : 08/07/2011
- Taille : 6 Mo
- MD5 : ae59622b17f587533cb365893a7fe0e8

New Features & Bug Fixes :
  • Support "AP mode" and "Auto IP" in AP mode.
  • Support "Schedule-based WiFi on/off".
  • Support "IGMP Proxying".
  • IE 9 support.
  • Support "Port Forwarding Enhancement".
  • Support "Automatic Internet Connection reset" in German language.
  • Support DFS channel in Australia, Canada, and Europe.
  • Fixed "Attached Devices not showing devices connected".
  • Fixed "can't disable automatic search for new FW in German GUI".
  • Fixed "Linux files changes to permit bits 777".

Known Issues :
  • NTFS write performance (upload to WNDR3700 attached USB storage) is much slower than read no matter using samba or FTP. FTP read is 5 times faster than write. Samba (ie. access network drive via windows) read is 2 times faster than write.
  • Sometimes clicking "Safely remove USB device" button can't remove USB storage safely. Workaround : Make sure you are not accessing the attached USB device and the LED on USB device is not blinking (it means no one is accessing it). Then you need to remove the USB device directly and ignore the message about "remove USB device failure) from web GUI.
  • In the V1.0.14.98 firmware, the IPTV function is visible for Russia language user. This is wrong because this feature is not ready yet. We remove this function from V1.0.16.98 firmware. When this function is ready, we will release it in the future firmware release.
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